Winter Bloom

FLOWER POWER for Fall/Winter 2017, courtesy of Gucci 


Sylvie’s enchanting combination of blooming buds, jewel-tones, the iconic gucci stripe, and gold hardware in one of the season’s “yes thank you” handbags. #LUV

A perfectly pretty pattern to pep you up and give you hope until next Spring, just 168 days away.

So there’s snow in the Sierra Nevada, and cold air migrating south from Canada! At least you’ll feel more “Springy” therefore more vibrant, therefore more cheery throughout the cold Winter months :)

Now THIS is what I call “Feel Good Fashion”!

 If you hate s(nooo)w-DO NOT look at weather model below..DON’T DO IT…AT ALL…NAMUS_prec_ptype_000




Recycled Ingenuity and Natural Disasters

Infrastructure must now be reevaluated in light of Mother Nature’s recent tailspin. Hurricane’s Harvey, Irma, and Maria have devastated a significant portion of The Caribbean as well as parts of the Florida Peninsula and the Texas Gulf Coast. Seismic activity has pierced through the heart of Mexico.

An upward spiral is possible, but it will require our collective efforts and evolutionary strategies in order to emerge as a more sustainable and prosperous planet.