FWF 7-Day Forecast

A look at the 7-day forecast, for the world’s most fashionable cities. Temperatures are definitely cooling down in the Northern Hemisphere, as we rotate our way into deep fall!

It’s time to get your Fall wardrobe in check ladies :) Personally,  I love these two looks by Pillip Lim. Check out the long black gloves in the first photo…gorgeous!!!

Phillip Lim Fall 2009
Phillip Lim Fall 2009
Phillip Lim Fall 2009
Phillip Lim Fall 2009


Monday: 55° and rain

Tuesday: 68° and rain

Wednesday: 65° heavy rain

Thursday: 57° and drizzle

Friday: 61° mostly cloudy

Saturday: 59° more rain

Sunday: 56° cloudy


Monday: 68° and sunny

Tuesday: 72° and sunny

Wednesday: 72° partly cloudy

Thursday: 73° and sunny

Friday: 74° and sunny

Saturday: 76 ° and sunny

Sunday: 76° and sunny


Monday: 60° mostly cloudy

Tuesday: 72° cloudy

Wednesday: 79° mostly sunny

Thursday: 75° and rain

Friday: 75° and rain

Saturday: 75° and scattered showers

Sunday: 76° and mostly sunny


Monday: 66° and sunny

Tuesday: 68° and mostly sunny

Wednesday: 68° possible showers

Thursday: 66° and mostly sunny

Friday: 73° and rain

Saturday: 59° and cloudy

Sunday: 60° and mostly sunny


Monday: 59° and heavy rain

Tuesday: 74° and foggy, some rain

Wednesday: 74° and showers

Thursday: 64° and and rain

Friday: 67° and very foggy

Saturday: 67° and some fog

Sunday: 61° and scattered clouds

Have a great week!

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