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I’m Back, With This Week’s Weather Around the World!

Hello All,

So sorry I haven’t updated FWF this past week, but I just got back from New York, after spending the week with my beautiful girlfriends! I lucked out, because the weather was perfect.

Back to business though–and now for this weekend’s forecast!

Girl's Night NYC!
Girl's Night NYC!


Friday: 58° with showers

Saturday: 61° more rain

Sunday: 59° cloudy

I know the weather may not be ideal in London, but I say this weekend is the perfect weekend to wear these super cute equestrian style Burberry rain boots. I absolutely adore them!

Burberry Rain Boots


Friday: 82° sunny

Saturday: 79 °  partly cloudy (aka mostly sunny)

Sunday: 81° sunny

Considering LA is so warm and we are technically in Fall, the only way to really celebrate this sexy season without overheating is to wear one of the fun Fall nail polish colors by Essie.

Fall Colors Essie


Friday: 66° showers

Saturday: 69° cloudy

Sunday: 71° partly cloudy

If you’re in Milan you know what’s HAWT !


Friday: 52°  rain

Saturday: 66° thunderstorms

Sunday: 61° and cloudy

New York, it is all good you can’t let the rain get you down! Besides wearing a fierce pair of rain boots, yes rain boots can be fierce when they’re Burberry (see London’s forecast)–a trench raincoat is gonna be your BFF all weekend long.  This military style rain coat is one of my faves!

Stell McCartneyAhhhhhhhhhhhhh, love this look!


Friday: 61° showers

Saturday: 66° am rain

Sunday: 62° mostly cloudy

If you’re in Paris, I’m jealous (in a good way). Just enjoy yourself, no matter what you’re wearing!

Looks like the rain is taking over this weekend, except in LA, where we need it :/


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