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Because life happens weather you’re ready or not, I have created and dedicate this blog to all of you who understand that life doesn’t have to suck, just because the weather does!

I am so excited to share my blog with you! As a broadcast journalism student I paid my way through school working as a wardrobe stylist, and I was very fortunate to have a wonderful career doing what I loved.  However, upon graduating and working in my chosen profession, something began to draw my attention to the science of weather. I realized that I enjoyed my job less, because I wanted to be a weather reporter. I looked into various programs, and decided to go back to school. I am currently enrolled in two Meteorology programs (yes I do like it that much). However, I have to admit I do need an outlet sometimes, and that outlet for me is fashion. So I married my skill set in fashion (which can be difficult for some people to grasp) and my knowledge of atmospheric science (which is hard for other people to grasp) and came up with the hybrid I call Fair Weather Fashion.

*Read more in the “About” section.

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