Fair Weather Fashion Femme

November’s Fair Weather Femme: Joan Hornig

This month’s Fair Weather Femme is the lovely Joan Hornig!

Joan has effortlessly managed to combine her passion for jewelry design, and dedication to philanthropy, and has created the most exquisite pieces in the name of charity. Please visit joanhornig.com for more on November’s Fair Weather Femme.

Joan Hornig

About Joan’s Foundation:

In 2003, Joan developed a way to combine her passion for jewelry, education and philanthropy through the creation of the Joan B. Hornig Foundation.

The foundation’s mission is to provide support for registered charitable organizations throughout the world.

Those choosing to purchase Joan Hornig designs are meant to derive pleasure not only from the jewelry, but also from the meaning of giving back. All profits from each item are donated to charity. Purchasers are able to direct the donation to a charity of their choice, in their honor, by following the steps outlined on this site.

Sales to date have generated substantial contributions to over 500 different organizations across the globe.

Please check out the different organizations and causes that have been supported to know that you, as a Joan Hornig jewelry wearer, are in the company of some of the most generous and caring people in the world.

About Joan:

Joan’s designs blend tradition with a contemporary aesthetic. References to nature and classical forms come alive with a freshness created through scale, balance, color and movement.

Joan studied the history of art as an undergraduate at Harvard College before earning her MBA at Columbia Business School. The combination of her artistic interests and her business experience has enabled her to create a line that marries her passions — beauty, individuality and philanthropy.

In 2003, Joan developed a way to encourage others to join her in support of educational and other philanthropic initiatives. Her model of giving 100% of the profits on each piece to the purchaser’s charity of choice challenges women to use beauty and fashion in a new way.

Joan’s jewelry is meant to be noticed and talked about as it carries the all important message that philanthropy is beautiful, personal and worth promoting.


Katherine Heigl looks gorgeous wearing this piece by Joan.

Cheers to another Fabulous Fair Weather Femme! Be sure to check in often, because YOU may be next.



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