FWF: G.G. Weather and Fashion

Is rain to blame for the major fashion wash-out at the Golden Globes?!

Before I update you on the current rain conditions in Los Angeles, and the soggy red-carpet fashion, I would like to quickly explain the climate here in Los Angeles, so you can appreciate the weather from a more scientific perspective…

**On this satellite image we can see the deep yellow shading (denoting rain) over parts of California.

The climate  in L.A. is classified as Csa (Mediterranean). Our temperature averages about 85°F in the summer with approximately 265 days of of sunshine. As for precipitation, it tends to fall in the form of rain during the mild winter months, with February getting the most. Maximum rainfall received is approximately 15 inches, and believe me we’ve seen most of it today!

However the (fashion) show must go on…sort of.

Overall the women’s fashion scene at the Golden Globes was just as bad as the weather; however, I thought there were a few haute looks worth mentioning, including this deep red Louis Vuitton column dress Zoe Saldana was wearing.

This Urban Rock inspired draped metallic dress by Calvin Klein, worn by Olivia Wilde, was a genius combination of tough femininity, edginess, and structured formality. Love, love, love how bold, and artsy this dress is.

Current Conditions

Expect the rain to go on through the rest of the week.

Temperature: 55° F

Visibility: 7 miles

Wind: ESE at about 10 miles per hour

Now there were many fashion misses at the Golden Globes, but why waste our time on that. Let’s check out the perfect pairing of these fashionable stars!

My favorite accessory has always been a great smile!

I really hope Hollywood does a better job of WOWING us with their style for the Oscars! If things don’t get better on the red carpet, I may have to get back into styling! This year’s Golden Globe fashion was a serious let down.

FWF will give them a pass…this time. Let’s  just “Blame it on the Rain”— (ha-ha)



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