Weather Around The World

Weather Around the World

As the winter season hits its stride in the Northern Hemisphere, a look at this week’s weather in some of the world’s most fashionable cities may look a bit dreary. I thought it would be a great idea to brighten things up a bit with some of my favorite accessories for this decade’s very first Spring!!!

Have a fabulous week!

Oscar de la Renta


Tuesday: 44°  cloudy

Wednesday: 39°  showers

Thursday:43° light rain

Friday:48° heavy showers

Saturday:42° cloudy

Sunday:42° showers

Nicholas Kirkwood


Tuesday: 59° rain

Wednesday: 59° heavy rain

Thursday: 60° rain

Friday: 67° more rain

Saturday: 6o° cloudy

Sunday: 60° partly cloudy

Nina Ricci


Tuesday: 59° cloudy

Wednesday: 35° clear skies

Thursday: 58° partly cloudy

Friday: 60° mostly cloudy

Saturday: 55° showers

Sunday: 60° showers

Proenza Schouler


Tuesday: 43° snow

Wednesday: 41°  mostly cloudy

Thursday: 40° partly sunny

Friday: 40° cloudy

Saturday: 39° mostly cloudy

Sunday: 46°  some precipitation



Tuesday: 41°  cloudy

Wednesday: 41° snow/sleet

Thursday: 42° cloudy

Friday: 44° showers

Saturday: 42° rain

Sunday: 42 ° mostly cloudy

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