Weather Around The World

Weather Around the World

As well all know accessories can make or break any outfit! So once again I’ve decided to accessorize the forecast, for the world’s most fashionable cities, with Joan Hornig’s jewelry.

Have a fabulous week!


Tuesday: 48°  cloudy

Wednesday: 51° mostly cloudy, clearing up by end of day

Thursday:59° light rain

Friday:55° heavy showers

Saturday:58° showers

Sunday:61° heavy showers

Jess Earrings

Jess Earrings


Tuesday: 85° mostly sunny

Wednesday: 74° mostly cloudy

Thursday: 66° partly sunny

Friday: 67° sunny

Saturday: 67° sunny

Sunday: 70° sunny

BraceletLOVE, LOVE, LOVE this bracelet!


Tuesday: 59° cloudy

Wednesday: 35° clear skies

Thursday: 58° partly cloudy

Friday: 60° mostly cloudy

Saturday: 55° showers

Sunday: 60° showers

Giving Rocks Necklace

Giving Rocks


Tuesday: 65° cloudy

Wednesday: 53°  mostly cloudy

Thursday: 58° partly sunny

Friday: 59° high winds ans shower

Saturday: 58° showers

Sunday: 63° a.m. showers and cloudy

As a member of Unicef, I am particularly fond of these snowflake earrings. The perfectly meaningful gift for a loved one.

Unicef Snowflakes


Tuesday: 48° partly cloudy

Wednesday: 41° fair skies

Thursday: 55° showers

Friday: 60° showers

Saturday: 35° scattered showers

Sunday: 57° light showers

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