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HOT-mess vs HAUTE-ness

As summer kicks into high gear north of 0º degrees latitude, I thought I’d say a few words about the potential hazards the summer heat may have on your…fashion sense.

*While you may be inclined to dress down, in order to stay cool-don’t, it’s a bad idea. Scroll down to exhibit (a) to see what I mean.

*Dress to impress even if you’re “REALLY  HOT!”

Please don’t blame the high temperatures and escalating humidity for your summer fashion faux pas! There is no excuse for looking a HOT MESS (entry #2) just because it’s hot outside.

Exhibit (a) “HOT-mess”

Faux Pas
Do NOT wear this...EVER!

Dressing for the intense summer heat can be challenging, but there is no better time of the year, than in the middle of a hot, steamy, sexy summer to show off your body and keen fashion sense. Let’s take quick look at some of my favorite summer 2010 looks

Whether you’re vacationing in The Hamptons, Martha’s Vineyard, Catalina Island, Napa , or Lake Tahoe the following looks (or similar ones) fit the Fashionably Fab bill~

Exhibit (b) “Haute-ness”

Luv it!
Luv it!
Sun Dress
Sun Dress
Perfect for Summer!
Perfect for Summer!

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