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Fashion Week Count Down!

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is less than two weeks away, and I am soooo excited!

Where shall I begin? Of course there’s the amazing fashion that we must get to, BUT more importantly there’s the weather to discuss! You see my dear friends while we’re all eager to know what the brilliant Yigal Azrouel is envisioning for Fall 2011, we need to be sure media, models, guests, and designers can actually attend. This past week alone NYC got hit with more snow, totaling just over 20″ in snow, and models are showing –no not those models, these models…

…that more precip. in the form of snow is well on its way. I must add; however, that it does not look nearly as bad as the last couple of storms, but model data tends to be less accurate if you go beyond 7-10 days of meteorological information. With that in mind I’m going to provide you with my 7-Day forecast for New York City, along with Chicago’s, Miami’s, Los Angeles’.

I’ll be sure to regularly update my  Fashion Week Forecast through Fashion Week’s entirety. You’re welcome ;)

Snapshot of current disturbances across the U.S.

CHICAGO (Blizzard Watch)

Monday: High 25° snow

Tuesday: High 23° snow

Wednesday: High 24° more snow

Thursday: High 15°  clear to partly cloudy

Friday: High 23° partly cloudy

Saturday: High 27° cloudy chance of snow


Monday: High 77° sunny

Tuesday: High 79° mostly sunny

Wednesday: High 80° partly cloudy

Thursday: High 80° sunny

Friday: High 75° partly cloudy

Saturday: High 76° chance of showers


Monday: High 64° partly cloudy (chance of light showers)

Tuesday: High 66° mostly clear sky

Wednesday: High 68°  sunny

Thursday: High 71° sunny

Friday: High 73° sunny

Saturday: High 74° sunny


Monday: High 30° P.M. snow showers

Tuesday: High 31° snow

Wednesday: High 32°  wintry mix

Thursday: High 29° partly cloudy

Friday: High 32° chance of snow

Saturday: High 33° snow likely

The PERFECT COUPLE!!! at Spring 2011’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion week! 

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