Studying for Midterms: Severe Storm Signatures

Hello All!

Now I normally wouldn’t put all my business out there for you to read (or laugh at) as my life is pretty boring these days…

Seriously I’m just studying for midterms, BUT I’m loving the section I’m currently reviewing, AND since sharing is caring, mwah! Oh and it helps that wordpress added a new feature called “quickpress” which allows for a short, but sweet entry. Thank you wordpress!

“Severe Storm Signatures” is the current section I’m reading in Tim Vasquez’s “Severe Storm Forecasting” book. Considering how intense the weather has been the past few months, I have been relying heavily on these “signatures” that really highlight the energy and characteristics that can produce severe weather. Things like a supercell collapse, overhang, and high reflectivity are only a few of the many clues we get in order to pinpoint possible severe weather!
–Notice how I added an exclamation point to that last sentence to make it sound exciting? Yeap the handy dandy exclamation point probably did nothing for you, if you were looking for your Grammy fashion fix. No worries I’ll get to that later in the week. In the meantime wish me luck on my exam.



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