192-Thousand Jobs Bloom This Spring!

Wow, just four days into Meteorological Spring, and according to the Associated Press, the job prospects look sunny… High Five for Jobs!

Job sectors that reported an upswing include, factories and health care , but experts warn that this could very well be a short-lived trend as more hopefuls enter the workforce. For now let’s all enjoy the silver lining!

Cumulus w/Silver Lining Let’s take a quick look at the current position of the jet stream and get a sneek peak at the weather ahead.


Saturday: High 37° rain/snow mix

Sunday: High 34°  to mostly cloudy

Monday: High 38° partly sunny

Tuesday: High 45° partly sunny

Wednesday: High 42° rain/snow

Thursday: High 47° chance of snow

Friday:High 49° chance of precip.


Saturday: High 80° chance of rain

Sunday: High 81°  cloudy/chance of rain

Monday: High 81° chance of showers

Tuesday: High 82° partly sunny

Wednesday: High 83° partly cloudy

Thursday: High 83° cloudy/chance of showers

Friday: High 81° chance of showers


Saturday: High 75° partly cloudy

Sunday: High 70 °  partly cloudy

Monday: High 64°  chance of  showers

Tuesday: High 65° partly sunny

Wednesday: High 70° rain/snow

Thursday: High 69° mostly sunny

Friday:High 69° mostly sunny



Saturday: High 54° partly sunny

Sunday: High 53°  rain

Monday: High 47° rain

Tuesday: High 48°  sunny

Wednesday: High 45° increasing clouds

Thursday: High 48° chance of rain

Friday:High 51° possible rain

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