A Marathon Storm!

And the winner is…The storm system rotating in from The Pacific. Take a look at the size of the moisture plum, on radar.


As if participants in the L.A. Marathon didn’t have enough to contend with, record-breaking rainfall added to the obstacles a runner may have to overcome when running this unforgiving 26.2 mile race.

A record 2.42″ was measured in Downtown L.A. and 2.36″ at the airport. Santa Barbara recorded an astonishing 5.23″ yesterday! Now remember we are in a La Niña year, so these are very unexpected rainfall totals for the west coast. The main culprit for this latest batch of precip. is simply the intense rotation of the low as it drops  down from the north-west. In turn this rotation forms  the comma-shaped low, which can tap into any available moisture in The Pacific.

Truly an awesome site, isn’t it? Even more awesome is the parallel between this amazing image, and Alexander McQueen’s Spring 2010 line.

Now I could be reaching here, but I do see the perfect argument for Fair Weather Fashion, especially in the 1st and 3rd images . The colors, the patterns, the roundness in the shoulders…These images scream meso-low, to me!


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