Cheers Darlings,

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve last posted on Fashion and Weather, and SO much has been going on-oh my head is just spinning! You see I wanted to finish the term with a bang and focus on my Meteorology Finals, as well as give FWF a little blog-lift ;) so I had to decide on a new look.  We’ve had the same look since 2009,  so  I thought it was most certainly time we walked the catwalk and put that dated look to rest! No worries, everything that’s old is always new again, so maybe you’ll see that design again-someday.

Even Jelly shoes made a  comeback, last year:/

I’ve added some of my favorite severe weather videos, new photos, and a widget feature called “Social Vibe” that brings awareness to autism and helps me support a cause that is dear to my family and I. In fact I had the honor of hosting an event for Kids and Horses, and I have to say the grace with which  these children and adults overcome daily obstacles (with a smile) is amazing. Some researches believe there could be a connection between autism and the environment, so  it’s important for FWF  to bring awareness to what environmental conditions may be at the root. There’s a bit of a glitch in the “Social Vibe” link; however, which is why the stats are unimpressive, but I’m working on it dears.

But wait there’s more!

FWF is growing by leaps and bounds, and next week brings us two new  Contributors! I am just so excited to see the evolution of the Trendy Weather movement. To quote the missing member of the Kardashian Klan who just so happens to be  into Atmospheric Science, bare with me on this one, weather is Kool!!! JK

Now I’m not just going to reveal all of my surprises, so you’ll have to just Keep Koming back to the blog (alliteration is addictive) to meet the new FWFemmes.

Our fabulous  little family is growing, Mazel Tov FWF!



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