FWF Loves Mom: Mother’s Day Forecast

Today we officially celebrate all moms! We  appreciate them  for being such amazing women, and for doing the hardest job on the planet with such grace!! There is no way we could ever repay  them for all they do (and it’s not like they would ever want us to) but it is nice to know that they have their very own special day that the entire world can take pride in celebrating. Let’s give moms their very special forecasts for Sunday, May 8th.

Atlanta, GA: Low 80’s, mostly clear sky, slight chance of showers

Boston, MA: Low 60’s, overcast sky, rain showers

Chicago, IL: Mid 60’s, partly cloudy

Dallas, TX: Mid to high 90’s, sunny sky

Denver, CO: Low to mid 80’s, sunny sky

Hartford, CT (Hi Mom!):Low 70’s,  mostly cloudy, scattered showers

Kansas City, KS: High 80’s, overcast, thunderstorms

Los Angeles, CA: High 60’s, partly cloudy, very slight chance of showers

Miami, FL: High 80’s, mostly clear sky, very, very slight chance of rain

New York, New York: Low 70’s, cloudy, chance of rain showers

Phoenix, AZ: High 90’s, sunny

San Francisco, CA: High 50’s. partly cloudy, slight chance of showers

Seattle, WA: High 50’s, overcast, showers

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