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Why the Heck? NOT!

OK, OK, OK, so when I initially came up with this sassy title my intention was to add an image of a climate classification map to the blog, ‘cuz “Why the Heck Not” have access to such useful information, right?! Well I am a Gemini/Taurus with my moon in Cancerrr…so basically I changed my mind and decided to use this title for FWF’s DONT’s. Get it? “Why the heck (did you wear that)? It is NOT (cute)!

However, because  I am a *follow-througher I am going to first include an image of a climate classification map, and then…lolz all around.

*The Urban Dictionary committee is currently reviewing my submission of the word “follow-througher”. Of course it is quite an etymological stretch, but it is very exciting nonetheless!!!

UPDATE: Follow-througher is a go, according to urban Mazel tov FWF!

Check it out:

            Just click on the image, to magnify your continent, country, state, etc.

And now let’s put this double entendre to good use! Let’s keep it simple and stick to one location. How about London?

Now if we cross-reference the location to the climate map, you will see that A: FWF  always comes full circle ;) and B: the climate is also maritime-Cfb just like The Bay Area. Oh how I love serendipitous moments!!

Why the Heck? NOT!

                                                         Exhibit A: Royalmess 

Exhibit B: Royal hot mess

I thought the belly bearing “gangsta lean” got a big ol’ WTH? But THAT hat by milliner Philip Treacy is absolutely absurd.

Oh let’s just blame it on her mum:)



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