“It’s Like a Heatwave…”

Yeap, there’s a heatwave in full effect!

I just logged onto my Face Book homepage,  and read my friend’s post about the intense heatwave stifling the Midwest and East Coast. The broadcast legend, Ron Pobuda, writes:

“It’s so hot in NYC walking do[w]n Park Avenue I thought I was locked in an out of control sauna without a way to get out…scary. Every cab was taken and people were taking refuge in any building they could find available. Can’t recall it ever being this HOT.”

                                                                   Stay cool Ron…

According to Professor Jeff Haby of Mississippi State’s Atmospheric Science Department, “A heat wave is a meteorological condition in which hot temperatures, often combined with high dewpoints, produces a large heat index value that exists from days to weeks. Heat waves are often associated with blocking patterns in the atmosphere. A heat wave puts an extreme stress on outdoor activities, those without air-conditioning, and vegetation. Heat waves are often accompanied by ‘drought-like’ conditions .” (weatherprediction.com)

Heatwaves can be “scary” as Ron writes, and of course stressful on your body. My best advice is to stay inside during the time of day the sun’s rays are most intense, noon to ~3:ooPM, limit exercise and drink plenty of water. Click on the link below to calculate how much water you need on a daily basis. Add a li’l extra during periods of excessive heat!


             Thermal image of a heatwave pattern across the continent of Africa

Understanding that the climate patterns of the world are not constant, and have in fact been even warmer (on average) than they are during this climatological period, could this just be a new weather trend for Earth? It’s a bit too early to tell, but it never hurts to be aware that in the scheme of the over4.6 BILLION birthdays this planet has had (I would have guessed 500 million at most!) we’ve only been a part of it for less than a second.

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