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Wind Ch(ill) Index

As if I needed an excuse to go winter coat shopping;)

But I have one!

OBSESSED with the black coat in the middle!!!!

You see, it’s going to be absolutely frigid tomorrow, as overnight lows bottom out in the single digits and winds max out at 20 mph…which means it’s going to feel much colder than temperatures read. That’s all due to plummeting wind chill values that calculate tomorrow night’s lows feeling more like -5° to -15° :(

Here’s a look at the equation below (much easier than the heat index equation, if you’ll recall).

35.74 + 0.6215T – 35.75(V0.16) + 0.4275T(V0.16)

Where “T” is the temperature and “V” is the wind speed.  For example if the overnight low is expected to dip to a brisk 5° and wind speeds top off at 15 mph, well my dears it’s actually going to feel like -13°!

He’s staying warm, and looking stylish!

Here’s a handy dandy little chart for you to check out your expected wind chill value…I know, you’re sooooo excited to show off how brilliantly and quickly you can calculate this number! Of course you are, because smart is always HAWT!

Cheers and Happy New Year!!!!


1 thought on “Wind Ch(ill) Index”

  1. Really interesting about this chart and how well it match up the results when applying it to weather actual conditions. Also the Doggy are do very cute too. Have a happy time ahead and do stay warm too, it is gelid outhere specially due the wind chill fact, no easy to deal with but real nice for a great hot cocoa cup with some ginger cookies plus few candles just in case power go bye bye, who know’s? Also the Moon seing marvelous tonight too, thanks for keeping all us update on the latest here on WFW.


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