Color Cast: Hottest Hues of Spring 2012

If you ask me, Winter is soooo 2011…and as I tap into my sick sense for forecasting the “IT” colors of Spring 2012, I can’t help but acknowledge that I am absolutely fascinated with corals and orange/yellow/gold tones-Oh My!-as well as the pink/red family.

SO I just had to go online to find a new coral colored necklace, because I couldn’t stop thinking about the one I lost last year, and how much I NEEDED to own one right NOW, on a Saturday night @ 11:48 P.M. (EST) in the middle of winter, in Southern New England.

(With that said this entry will focus on finding a fabulous coral and gold necklace…Then we’ll tackle my need for a pink/red A.K.A magenta A.K.A “shocking pink” dress in the following entry.)

Afterall, as I long for the days of 85 degree highs and always sunny skies, wearing this new piece in the dead of hiver (winter en français) will surely make me feel FAB, until then :)

Of course I always like to back up my own personal feeling of what’s going to be hawt, with a li’l bit of research, and by golly I was on par (cliché) with the experts.

Designer Tracy Reese color forecasts includes: “A Neon Coral pops up in just the right spot throughout the collection and it’s one of my favorites for spring.

Senior VP, Fashion Director, Neiman Marcus Ken Downing exclaims:”Hot to trot Pink! Shocking, Brilliant Pink with a hint of Day-Glo to keep it at a fever pitch!

Mega Designer Eli Tahari forecasts: “Cairo Yellow because, like the sun, it integrates all aspects of nature, from the sand to the water, while paving the way for color, inspiration and styling in our spring 2012 collection.

I couldn’t have said it better myself, Eli.

My absolute FAVOURITE flowers of all time (ranunculus) in the season’s hottest colors! W’rrrrk that coral, Mother Nature;)

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