Tornado for CT?

Good Morning All,

I’ve been away from my blog for a while, as school work…and my new job at WTNH (been here since late March), have kept me quite busy. I am home CT!! Oh and I am just two weeks away from completing my very last Meteorology course at Mississippi State.

WTNH has a weather blog, dedicated to those who have a passion for weather that exceeds broadcast news, and while I would never dream of deterring you from reading my site for your weather updates, I am just so excited to be a part of this elite group of Meteorologists that I must refer you! The blog is called WxEdge, and the site can be reached at wxedge.com. Today I’ve been discussing the possibility of tornadic activity across The Nutmeg State, and if you click on this link below you can explore the discussions, contributed by Meteorologists and weather lovers across the globe.


My most recent discussion on WxEdge focuses on the potential for a tornado in CT.


I’m working in the Storm Team 8 weather studio, and I wanted to add a quick note regarding the potential for tornadic activity across the state. Please refer to the image attached, and notice that approximately 75% of the state falls under a 5% risk of being affected by a tornado. Now it is very hard to confirm and even pinpoint whether we will actually be hit, but with intense wind veering through the upper levels and wind speeds greater that 65 knots (referencing the 300mb and 200 mb charts) and increasing CAPE values (currently less than 1000J/kg) the potential is alarming. No watches or warnings have been issued yet, but I don’t expect that to be the case until later this evening.

Stay tuned to News 8 for your up to the minute severe weather coverage.


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