Earth, The Ultimate Backdrop

Fashion “Five-Forty”

Cheers~I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and got a healthy dose of competitive shopping on Black Friday! While the deals at Barney’s and Saks were truly enticing, I spent most of my time on my iPhone looking at what could be a snow storm next week, for CT. The models have not solidified a track (Do they ever so far in advance?), so I was left half-heartedly Uhhh I said half-heartedly  making my way around the Alice & Olivia section barely taking advantage of the 40% off deals! While the dresses were stunning, I had to focus on what folks in CT might expect next week.

Our residents have just been dealt some harsh realities by Mother Nature, starting with Sandy, then the Nor’easter, so I needed to keep track of the impending storm for them, as I watched girl after girl walk away with size 6  Jimmy Choos, Badgley Mishcka and Louboutin heels, and I could care less!

Anyhow I quickly edited two of the many models I looked at, and included them for your review. And yes of course  I’ve accessorized the models with the most complimentary Lanvin Fall 2013  Dresses. I rather enjoyed how the 540 line (in red, south of CT) seemed as determined and fierce as the dress below it. My focus is the on the southward movement of the rain snow line (aka 540 line). The 540 Line measures the thickness of cold air and available moisture between 1000 and 500 mb, which is an indicator that 50% of the time towns at lower elevations will get snow.

I have also included the 6 hour Precip. chart, and thought the dress that follows suit is absolutely a perfect rendition of the weather model itself. The color and abstract interpretation Lanvin lends to the weather model is sublime…Oh how I love coincidences ;)

xo, Erika

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