Weather Around The World


Hello my dear Fair Weather Fashionistas, there’s so much to talk about in this WAW entry…And you all know just how much I love a good discussion! The topic, of course, is weather–and how you can do you part to brighten up even the stormiest of days with a fantastically stylish and weather appropriate ensemble. From New York to Los Angeles to Paris, I’ve got you covered. So get those frequent flyer miles prête or rent a private jet (Actually much less expensive than you’d think, especially for a group.)

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Screenshot 2016-08-08 at 6.56.07 AM


Ahhh two of my favorite cities combined into one FWF-cast…

NYC will also get the strong cold front, so rain and thunder on Saturday. Mid 80’s to 90’s

Los Angeles can expect sunny skies, low humidity, and cooler nights. Highs in the 80’s

2013071806_WST_GFS_SFC_SLP_THK_PRECIP_WINDS_066A little activity going on just off the west coast, will likely push extra clouds to the beach areas.

AND NOW we’re off to my favorite city in the world, Paris!

A panoramic view of the city of Paris, France.The weekend brings warm temperatures with a chance of showers on Saturday, as a quick disturbance moves through. Sunday looks dry and a bit warmer. Enjoy!


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