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What is the hottest color for Fall 2013? Re(a)d this ripe little entry to find out…


The winner is TOMATO!!!! Congratulations tomato, you have earned this fine honor of being the “IT” color of our much anticipated Fall season. It is YOU tomato that doesn’t mind being called a vegetable, when you’re really a fruit…After all you develop in the ovary in the base of your parent flower, just as blueberries and raspberries, but because you are often used in savoury cooking–well we selfishly refer to you as a vegetable.

As editor-at-large of FWF, not quite as impressive as editor-at-large of Vogue, The one and only Ana Wintour. I would like to apologize  on behalf of produce departments the world over. Tomato, YOU are the “Must Have” color of Fall ’13!


The tomato originated in South America, and seeds were planted in Europe in the 1540s.

“The word tomato comes from the Nahuatl word tomatl. The Aztecs called it xitomatl, “plump thing with a navel.” Its botanical name is Lycopersicon esculentum.


“When the first tomatoes were grown in England in the 1590’s, Shakespeare (1564-1616 ) was a young man. The Great Vowel Shift, which began in 1450, was in full swing.

An example of a word whose pronunciation changed between Chaucer’s time (1343-1400 and ours is abate. In Chaucer’s time it was pronounced with a broad a. In Shakespeare’s time it was pronounced with a short a. In modern English it is pronounced with a long a.

Chaucer would have belonged to the “tomahto” school–if there had been any tomatoes in England for him to talk about. Shakespeare would have fallen in the middle with “tomaeto”.

Today we say tomayto, tomahto as an expression of something that has an “unimportant difference.”




6 thoughts on “TOMAYTO…TOMAHTO”

  1. a good article… and a history major the history of the tomato is perfect… and I love the evolution of language that followed… (yes, my inner entomology/proper parlance’ geek manifesting)… good research and writing…

    the tomato was, in Europe, considered a “hot” food and thus poisonous to people… This was soon dispelled in southern Europe/the mederterian…


  2. Hi Princess Erika, of course I love the color of tomato (all shades of Red) To me
    Red will always be Classic .I did see you in your Red dress with black belt . Now
    that’s the Classic look Princess Erika…..


  3. I’ve always admired a woman in either a Black or Red dress for me it really brings out a woman’s skin tone. Keep the posts coming


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