Earth, The Ultimate Backdrop

Tokyo’s Treasured Island


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Gratitude is always in style…As is this stunning bird’s eye view of one of the most exquisite destinations on Earth.

Known as Japan’s “hidden tropical island” Aogashima Island-or the blue island is nestled, almost selfishly, in The Phillipine Sea. Though it’s size is less than 6 square miles as the saying goes:

“The best things come in small packages.” #petitepower ;)

Categorized as a #stratovolcano, Aogoshima is administered by #Tokyo and believed to have first been inhabited during the Edo Period. If you haven’t heard much about the Edo Period, it is a MUST RESEARCH because in-telligence is…Well always in (nice setup there).

*As a Geoscientist I can appreciate the effort this period in Japanese history put into weather, climate and sustainability.


                                          Painting of treacherous seas, Edo Period

*And as an admirer of fashion ingenuity, I can certainly appreciate the resplendent style of the women of the Edo Period (1603-1867 CE)

20090730-Eizan sakura

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