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Forecast: Flooding In the Gulf

I’m so excited to introduce you to a new FWF contributor, who will be updating us all on the looming low over The Gulf that won’t let up. As I’ve mentioned in the past, flooding is the #1 deadliest disaster, and yet many folks have taken it for granted. Well, we here at FWF care about your safety during these severe weather events, and we’re doing our best to keep you updated!

Everyone, say HELLO to the founder of TACS Storm Team, Nick Langley…(massive round of applause;)

This is his very first FWF report and he’s pretty much rocking it!

*Be sure to read more about Nick in our bio section


Catastrophic Flooding Event for Florida

According to the National Weather Center we have a potential for a catastrophic flooding event for most of the state of Florida. As me and other hard working mets, forecasters and weather enthusiasts watch this upper low moving in from the Gulf of Mexico we are seeing the forecasts come in with a very high potential of up to a foot or more of rain in a short period of time followed by a threat of beach erosion and very dangerous surf conditions.

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I am very concerned with this scenario of deep tropical moisture in the NW Gulf of Mexico for two reasons:

1. Florida is a low lying area as it has many swamps, estuaries, and bayous. Many rivers as well as lakes could be in for some potential major flooding.

2. Florida has lots of barrier islands as well.

We are looking at beach erosion and high surf coming in from the southwest and south of this upper low. Florida has been here before though with tropical storm Fay which sit over the state for days and brought major flooding back in 2008. So please just listen to your local meteorologist and your governor. Remember the number one rule in flooding is Turn Around, Don’t Drown!

-Nick Langley

1 thought on “Forecast: Flooding In the Gulf”

  1. Let’s not forget New Orleans still reeling from Katrina. What we find as minor flooding. In the Creascent City it’s a big thing. Thank you for the updates looking forward to your future postings.


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