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Raincoat Ready for Dreary Downpours

Javier to bring tropical moisture to Arizona, New Mexico and other parts of SW

Apart from keeping you all updated on the biggest weather stories around the world, I still have to do my part to keep you ahead of the trend when it comes to Weather & Lifestyle. Before we get into updates on Javier (formerly a Tropical Storm) I’d like to show you some of the most stylish rain coats to help keep you dry during these torrential downpours.

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Thanks again, Nick Langley (TACS Storm Team) for updating us on the dangers of heavy rains, especially when there is NO shortage of a tropical feed.

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Once a hardy Tropical Storm, Javier has managed to sustain a steady track through the SW.

Javier is moving North into Arizona bringing lots of tropical moisture with it. Tucson is already feeling the effects of it. As it moves further inland towards Phoenix then moving more NE towards New Mexico we have a high potential of a flooding event. This is beneficial rain for a drought and fire stricken area but the moisture they will get is way too much for them in a short period of time. Please be safe out there.


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