Historic Oklahoma Quake

 Historic 5.8 earthquake hits Oklahoma Saturday September 2nd. By: Nicholas Langley

Today September 6th, 2016 the USGS has upgraded the earthquake that had shaken and rattled some nerves across multiple states which hit around Pawnee, OK on Saturday 2nd, 2016 from a 5.6 to a 5.8. This will now be the largest earthquake to have hit the state of Oklahoma in history. The second largest quake hit the state in November of 2011 near Prague, Oklahoma. 

3 thoughts on “Historic Oklahoma Quake”

  1. It’s frightening to know and be told how strong the quake was. Especially right in a Midwestern state. Only if somehow scientists can find away to predict earthquakes. The good news about the quake no casualties.

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    1. I totally agree Dave. You know there was a pattern the night before that I was watching. Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands had a 4.0 plus earthquake. So there is a pattern to watch but it’s still hard to pinpoint them. ~Nicholas


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