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Quakes Continue to Shakeup Oklahoma


Earthquakes  rattled  nerves all around Central Oklahoma yesterday September 8th, 2016 as 9 earthquakes including a 3.8 earthquake that shook Spencer, OK just after 9 pm.  Witnesses all over Oklahoma City metro described it as quick jolt with a big boom that shook the houses and nerves of residents of Central Oklahoma. It all started with a cluster of quakes starting just after 4 pm with 3 quakes with magnitudes of 3.0 or higher -in 9 minutes! Then the night finished the night with bigger earthquake. People around OKC are starting to wonder if this could be building up to be a big one? We will have more on this story as it develops…



5 thoughts on “Quakes Continue to Shakeup Oklahoma”

  1. I wish it was possible that a device can be invented that predicts earthquakes. I’ve always said it I’d rather have tornadoes or hurricanes. At least you can see them coming.


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