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Great Wichita Flood of 2016

Mulvane, KS by: Anna
Wichita, KS by: Anna
Winfield Fairgrounds by: Anna

On Thursday evening of Sept 8th, 2016 in Wichita, Kansas the remnants of Tropical storm Newton from the Southwest collided with a cold front sweeping across the plains causing major flooding in places like Wichita. Central Kansas received 17 inches of rain in 2 days.  The Ninnescah River at Belle Plaine has reached record levels at 29.5 feet this morning, beating the previous record of 29.2 ft from the Halloween Flood of 1998. I did an interview with a emt and good friend of mine Anna from Wichita last night who sent me pics to use for this story. She said a lot of evacuations were going on last night around the area including Winfield Fairgrounds as the waters were rising. Her friend’s basement is completely under water. The water rescue teams were out in full force last night doing water rescues. A woman and her dogs had to be rescued. A local disaster has been declared for Wichita. Please keep Wichita in your prayers.  ~Nicholas

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