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Severe Weather In The Plains Update!!!

September 15th & September 16th weather update for the plains. 

Here is your severe weather update for the system we discussed last night. I am going to break them down by the 3 regions I have placed images on. 

 Nebraska: If you are in Nebraska please prepare for all modes of severe weather. Expect heavy rains, large hail, damaging winds, deadly lightning and we can not rule out a few spin ups. 

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Kansas: Expect a lot of heavy rains, hail, damaging winds, and deadly lightning. The main issue for you guys is the high  flooding potentials around the already flooded Wichita, St. Joe, and Kansas City areas. Please remember to turn around, don’t drown. 


Oklahoma: If you are going out to the football games tomorrow night please be prepared for a wet evening with repeated heavy downpours and we can’t rule out lightning. You might want to bring your rain gear with you like ponchos and rain boots. It looks like it’s going to be a wet night under the lights. Heed the warnings of any severe weather especially lightning. Also if you are out driving in this, please be aware of any flash flooding and be safe driving. We will keep you updated on any new updates. ~Nicholas

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