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Is The Sky Falling?

Is the sky falling in China? Some may have thought so today in China…

It looked like something you may have seen in a Science Fiction movie in the streets of Fuzhou as a big model balloon shaped moon came rolling through the streets. It all started as a peaceful quiet moon shaped model which was set in place for the annual Autumn Festival. China knew they wouldn’t be able to see the real moon so they made model moons for the people to take pictures in front of the fake moons.

 Everything was fine until they started feeling the effects of Typhoon Meranti. Meranti already had 225 mph winds near Taiwan and China started feeling the winds. The winds started bearing down on Fuzhou and loosened what was holding up the model moon causing it to fall off a bridge and roll over cars and the streets of Fuzhou. This just shows you the power of a super typhoon and what it can do. This is why we can’t underestimate the power of the weather. We will be keeping an eye on Meranti as it moves towards China. ~Nicholas

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