Forecast for FWF

Tropics Heating Up!!!


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Good morning! It looks like the tropics are heating up. We have 4 areas we are watching this morning.

Tropical Storm Ian is moving Northeast towards Iceland at 48 mph and has 60 mph max sustained winds keeping at a tropical storm all the way to Iceland.

Tropical Storm Julia is meandering Southeast at 5 mph with Max sustained winds of 40 mpH. Looks like she will stay off the coast of North Carolina  at this time.

Tropical Storm Karl  is the one we are really watching right now. He is located in the Central Atlantic and is moving 13 mph with Max sustained winds of 45 mph. The big question is which direction will Karl go and how strong will he be? Will he go more North and curve out to sea or will he go under the high pressure and head for Florida? It’s too early to tell right now but we will be keeping a close eye on him.

Also we are watching a low pressure system in the Gulf of Mexico off the Texas coast. NHC is giving it only a 10% chance of developing but we are keeping an eye on it. It could bring some rain to Southern Texas this weekend. We will continue to keep a eye out on the tropics and update you on any new info we get. Stay tuned……. Have a great day! ~Nicholas

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