Forecast for FWF

Big Severe Weather & Flood Setup For The Plains!

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We have a big weather setup coming this weekend for all of the plains. A low pressure system which is in the Rockies today will be moving East towards the Northern plains this weekend causing a huge mess for a lot of people.

The same system that went through Utah last night causing large hail, strong winds and even tornadoes will be moving East. 

If you live anywhere in the Midwest this weekend, you can expect lots of rain and severe weather. The low itself will be up in the Dakotas, however it has a long cold front that will stretch from Canada to Mexico.

This system will bring heavy rains and floods to the Midwest. Anywhere from 3 to 6 inches or more of rain is expecting and only add to more flooding in the Northern plains. Severe weather will be an issue too. Expect large hail, damaging winds, deadly lightning, and we can’t rule out tornadoes. I will have a more detailed forecast from the team tomorrow morning. Stay tuned……..~Nicholas

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