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Is Australia really Where You Think It IS?


Is Australia where we think it is? The answer is no.

All of the Earth’s continents float on tectonic plates and drift slowly. Not Australia!

The plate that Australia sits on is moving faster than any other plate. It is moving 2.7 inches per year. Now that may not seem like it’s covering a lot of ground but trust me it is. 

In contrast, the North American plate has been moving roughly one inch a year, though the Pacific plate moves three to four inches a year. The continent of Australia  has shifted by 4.9 feet since the last adjustment was made to GPS coordinates in 1994. It’s moving so fast that the GPS can’t keep up with it. 

Australia has tended to move particularly fast due to its unique geology. Corrections have been made to its latitude and longitude four times over the past 50 years, the Times reports. The last adjustment there, in 1994, was about 656 feet. The next adjustment that needs to be made is at the end of this year at 4.9 ft. ~Nicholas


2 thoughts on “Is Australia really Where You Think It IS?”

  1. In about let’s say in a few million years. Australia could possibly be clods to the Asian continient. To be honest I never knew about the movements of Austrailia. We all know that the North & South American Continents were connected to Africa. This is why Science amazes me. Thank you for this article looking forward to more of them.

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