Hurricane History

Today makes this event 87 years now. 1929 – On September 28, a Great Hurricane, of which there is little written, passed through the Upper Keys with estimated winds of 150 mph. Reportedly, storm surges were 6 to 9 feet at Garden Cove. Railroad service was out for a week. Sections of highway were washed out as far as Big Pine Key. The Coast Guard had to provide mail service for Key West. After it hit Key West, it was not finished with Florida. The hurricane went North and made landfall at Apalachicola and then went Northeast through the Southern states, then all the way up to Canada. ~Nicholas 

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  1. Dave Velez says:

    Love these informative articles of yours regarding storms throughout weather recording history. I believe yesterday was also 31yrs since Hurricane Gloria hit the East Coast. Connecticut got hit pretty good.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Erika Martin says:

      Just testing the waters. I’m glad you like this. I will do this more often.


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