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Major Flooding for Maryland and DC metro For The Next 3 Days


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This just in! Our team just got word in that there will be major flooding for the Dc metro and Maryland areas starting today.

As the cold front comes in and stalls over DC and Maryland we are talking about excessive amounts of heavy rainfall for the next 3 days. We are looking at anywhere from 2 to 10 inches or more of rain. Please remember your safety rule to turn around, don’t drown. This is a very serious situation unfolded for this area and we are not taking it lightly. Flash flood watches have been put out for these areas including Southern PA and Eastern PA and we will be seeing flash flood warnings tonight as well. Please be safe! ~Nicholas    

Fair Weather Fashion and Tornado Alley Chasers and Spotters team work hard on getting out important info to help people. Here is the link to the TACS team’s Facebook. We have automatic alerts 24/7.  Tornado Alley Chasers and Spotters  and if you are in Eastern Pa and Southern New Jersey you can tune into Erika Martin on the weekend for you local weather report @ Philly Style weather.  


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