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Tropical Storm Matthew Has Formed


We finally have Tropical Storm Matthew!!!!!

The National Hurricane Center has named our 13th tropical storm of the 2016 hurricane season. What was known as 97 L has been upgraded to a tropical storm at this time. Matthew is located near the Lower Antilles and is moving West at 21 mph. It has 60 mph winds. It is forecasted to become a hurricane near Trinidad and Tobago then take a huge hook and move North towards Jamaica and Cuba.

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Credits: Erika Martin with NBC 10 Philly. She has been on this thing all week. Good job bud!

Our team is watching this very closely. We have been talking to NBC 10 Meteorologist Erika Martin and she has been showing us the plots of all the hurricane models and the models of the cut off low that will cause Matthew to curve. Lots of uncertainty right now as far as intensity and track. It is all due to the cut off low that will be diving South this weekend and the Bermuda High off the East Coast. It’s all about timing of the trough and how far it dives South and how fast it dives South. Also depends on the speed of Matthew too. We are watching closely and will have more updates on Matthew in the coming days. Here are some plots that Erika has been showing us. Erika is now with NBC 10 and she has passed the torch down to the team. I want to give credit to her for showing us the plots. She is a great contribution and I wish her luck at NBC 10 in Philadelphia. ~Nicholas

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