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Hurricane Matthew Forms In The Caribbean.

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As promised! A brand new tropical update!

Hurricane Matthew has formed in the Caribbean Sea and is moving West at 17 mph with 75 mph winds. Matthew is still forecasted to make that sharp turn North. If I was in Jamaica I would prepare for a possible high-end cat 1 or cat 2 hurricane. 

A special mission will be sent out tonight to narrow down the future track after Jamaica. Right now it looks like Matthew will stay off the East Coast of US mainland but it’s still too early. As always we will keep you updated. Stay tuned……..~ Nicholas

2 thoughts on “Hurricane Matthew Forms In The Caribbean.”

  1. We are all so grateful that you take the time to keep all of us informed. As Matthew pushes north. What are your predications if any landfall expected?

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    1. Thank you! It’s going to be a close call for Jamaica. It may even be a cat 2 there. After that I think anywhere from Miami to NYC should keep a close eye. Especially the Outer Banks of NC.


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