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Very Dangerous Cat 4 Hurricane Heading For Jamaica!!!!!!!


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This is a brand new update!!!!! 

Matthew is now a very dangerous cat 4 hurricane with sustained winds at 140 mph and wind gusts 165 mph, Matthew is moving WSW at 9 mph and will start to make the forecasted turn North towards Jamaica.

I am very concerned for Jamaica because they could be hit by a cat 5 hurricane. Over 2 million people live in Jamaica. Kingston is located on the Southern side and is looking like it will take a hard hit from a very large and dangerous hurricane. If you are in Jamaica I would be getting prepared to face a cat 4 or cat 5 hurricane on Monday.

I would expect very high surge, very dangerous winds, and very large waves. This also could be a flooding event for Jamaica. Right now it is still forecasted to hit Eastern Cuba after Jamaica. 

Everyone from Florida to Nova Scotia needs to be watching this one. Florida you are not out of the woods at all. Any slight jog West then you would be in the cone. We are keeping an eye on this one. I haven’t seen numbers like this since Hurricane Wilma and Hurricane Katrina in 2005. We will have more updates this weekend. Stay tuned……..~Nicholas 

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