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Jamaica, Haiti & Cuba Brace For Powerful Cat 4 Hurricane Matthew by: Okiewxman13, forecast plots by: Erika


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The 11 am update from NHC shows Matthew as a very powerful category 4 hurricane.

Matthew is showing sustained winds @ 140 mph and moving very slow at 3 mph towards Jamaica, Haiti and Cuba. The good thing on Matthew is that Jamaica will not take a direct hit but bad news is Haiti will now take a take the brunt of it. 

There are a lot of factors involved with the movement of Matthew and where it will go after Cuba. 

We have a cold front moving Southeast towards Florida from the cut off low which is drawing Matthew in towards the East Coast. Florida, Carolinas, Bahamas need to keep a very close eye on this. It is too early to tell right now where it will head after Cuba. 


The other big factor is the long deep trough that is in the Rockies right now and will be moving into the Plain on Tuesday and will move towards the Southeast. This is what we need to watch. The big question is will this trough be deep enough to curve Matthew and will the high pressure system to its North be strong or  weak? It is way too early to tell right now. We are watching it very closely. Keep in mind these models are just long-range models and just an observation to the future of Matthew. Again it is way too early. We will keep you posted. Stay tuned for updates…….

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