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Matthew Is Headed For Bahamas Then Florida!!!!! by: Okiewxman

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Hurricane Matthew is entering the Southern Bahamas right now and moving towards the Central Bahamas then Florida. 

Hurricane Matthew was just too slow making that Northern turn and has already allowed 3 systems to miss him. The problem is the high pressure ridge to it’s NE is strong and it’s pushing it more and more towards Florida. Hurricane watches and warnings are up for Florida East coast and even tropical storm watches up for South Florida. Matthew is a very large and powerful storm. The interaction with Haiti and Cuba did weaken him some but he is about to enter the hottest water temps on this side of the planet. This will blow him right back up and cause him to strengthen back into a cat 4 hurricane. 

Lot of the models now are in an agreement for Matthew to loop back around again. Here is why! Tropical Storm Nicole is to the East of Matthew is eroding the North part of the ridge and after Florida Matthew could ride the ridge back around because we have a huge high pressure building up in the Ohio Valley and it is pushing Southeast which will block any Northern movement with Matthew and push it right back around the ridge.  

Please take the evacuations and warnings seriously. Get your plans together now and get ready to evacuate when you can especially if you are on the East Coast of Florida. We continue to keep you updated on this. Be safe! 


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