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The entire FWF weather AND lifestyle team always look forward to adding a little something extra to our updates. The passion and dedication we all have runs deep, and our goal is to guide you through the amazing world of weather. When you pepper all the savory weather stories with a little fashion and lifestyle flare…Voila!  You’ve been served.


My name is Erika Martiń and I am a Broadcast Meteorologist and Severe Weather Expert. I chase tornadoes, obsess over lake effect snow, and get a thorough thrill when I’m live in the field watching a supercell show us all who’s boss.
My coursework as a grad student has allowed me to grow my experience as a meteorologist into a career that is well-rounded and measured as a calling, whether in a controlled studio environment or in the middle of a wild weather outbreak. My undergraduate degrees include Meteorology and Broadcast Journalism. I’ll be earning my MBA in Energy & Sustainability in 2017.
Now that I’ve explained the Weather aspect of FWF, I’ll quickly touch on Lifestyle. I actually started my broadcasting career as a TV Host. I decided to go back to school for Physics (Yeah that’s a popular subject in the hosting world) and I came across the most perfect field of science for me. Finding the creativity and trend-setting dynamics in the hydrostatic equation just seemed to click! And THAT’S how it all connected organically.
The hydrostatic equation is always in fashion!

Screenshot 2016-08-10 at 1.37.35 PM




10 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hello Miss. Where have you gone? We’ve enjoyed your smiling face as part of our morning wake up. We know you’ll have success in whatever you do.


  2. Hi Erika, missed seeing you! So glad you’re back, forget about the other people who rock girl… YOU ROCK! Lol ;)


  3. very happy to see that you are back.i did notice that you are not wearing your wedding rings.from head to toe you are a very beautiful girl.it someones loss.it is always a pleasure to see you on ch 8.you are pure eye candy.i know that you will suceed even farther in your journey.you are very young.take care. ray


  4. Hello,
    I appreciate what you do, and am enjoying reading your thoughts on fashion.I’ve wondered if New Haven has slipped in the opposite direction, as there used to be some cool places to buy Italian shoes, that now sell things for the “slumming it” look.Between your job, family, and list of admirers, I can only wonder when you sleep.You are very beautiful and talented, and make my night when you come on, in addition to making me pay attention to the weather the evening before it actually occurs.You are the deal.


  5. Wish you the best! Meteorology in CT took a deep hit when you left; we don’t even watch those other guys. They just aren’t as accurate and not nearly as cute. Good luck, Erika!


  6. I see nothing stopping you from attaining your goals. Your a very knowledgeable woman who exudes positive energy. Miss you on WTNH but you had your reasons. I as a fan & friend support you 100%. Cuidate Bella Linda


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