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Walk on(or in)Water With Yeezy

Kanye West’s laser-focused vision for aesthetics comes through in Yeezy Season 2. His knit ankle boot in Military and Gold emphasizes the ‘k’ in ‘kouture'(?) minimalism.

Sleek, stylish, and functional Yeezy’s knit boot can be worn on your run-of-the-mill fair weather day or in the rain, as long as you waterproof them.  These boots are made for more than just walking…They’re made to POWER walk, come rain or shine!


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A slideshow of current and near future weather makers, below. Looks like more rain across much of CONUS. #Staydry and look your best while doing so, by checking back often for your weather and lifestyle updates.



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Very Powerful Low Pressure Systems To Hit Northwest Pacific!!! By: Okiewxman


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Two very powerful back to back low pressure systems to hit the Northwest Pacific states starting tonight through Sat. 

If you are in Washington,  Oregon and Northern California expect very high winds, heavy rain causing a major flooding situation with mudslides. As back to back storms hit the West Coast starting tonight as the heavy rains move in. Those areas can get as much as 24 inches or more of rain. High wind and Storm warnings have put out too. Please turn around and don’t drown. Learning lessons from Hurricane Matthew that more people died in their cars during the floods in NC then any other deaths due to Matthew. Please be safe! Please heed warnings! 

FWF'S Infinite 8

The Infinite 8

Just like the seasons, fashion is always changing. I know it can be overwhelming (and expensive) to keep up, so I have devised this handy little list of 8 staple pieces every wardrobe must have year round.

1) Little Black Dress: Tried, tested, and true! No wardrobe is complete without one. Weather your figure is pear shaped, boyish, or petite the LBD will always make you look like a PYT.

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2) White Blouse: The simple truth is that a white blouse is simply tasteful. Below, we have two perspectives on the white blouse…one more trendy than the other, but both very chic.

Kate Moss: White Blouse
Kate Moss: White Blouse

Jessica Alba White Blouse

3) Flattering Jeans: OK, here’s the deal–I could go on for years about the DO’s and DONT’s of  jeans , but life is short! Please take an honest friend with you, a real friend…your camera when you go shopping for jeans! -Godspeed

4) Black Pumps: Whether they’re round or peep toe, they work with almost every outfit. They’re sleek, sassy, and sexy. Best of all they work year round, rain or shine–just like everything else on FWF’S “Infinite 8” list.

Christian Louboutin: Very Prive Peep Toe Pumps
Christian Louboutin: Very Prive Peep Toe Pumps

5) Gold Watch: Every woman should own a gold watch. Gold looks good on every one, it’s warm, radiant, and really gives your wrist that little extra somethin’! Besides it makes you look like you care about your time, as well as others’. Time is invaluable, you can never get it back, so be fashionably on time. I personally like a chunkier gold watch.

6) Pearl Necklace: These images of  Michelle Obama say it all. Three completely different looks, same pearl necklace. Way to do your part in the recession!

Michelle Obama in Pearls

7) Light Brown Stachel (doesn’t have to be designer, but I do love Chanel’s): A light brown satchel is understated, and sophisticated. I love the EARTHiness of the color, paired with the strength of its geometric shape. As women we often have to balance our softer feminine side with our powerful intellect. This bag says all that, and a whole lot more.

8) A Great Smile :) No look is complete without an amazing smile, so be sure to keep your pearly whites their whitest, White Strips work really well!

Now just take a second to really think about the simplicity and effectiveness of these 8 pieces. Ladies it’s serious out there, so be sure to arm yourself with FWF’S Infinite 8, and you will NEVER be overlooked by a guy, your boss, even yourself again!

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Another Round Of Severe Weather In The Plains Today! By: Okiewxman

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Severe weather will be in the plains this afternoon and evening. 

A strong cold front moves through the plains today and it will bring all modes of weather. Expect large hail, damaging winds, deadly lightning, heavy rains and tornadoes. If you are in Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Iowa please be weather aware. Our team will be watching. 

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Chasing In The Plains In October by: Okiewxman

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Me and my wife went chasing in last night here Oklahoma. Here is the link to more pics. storm pics from last night

It was a beautiful night to chase storms last night here in Oklahoma. Only one storm here in Central Oklahoma fired off the dry line but we went and got it. It was a growing storm SW of OKC Metro and you could see the outflow all the way up to where we were East of OKC. As you can see in the pics, it was still growing. This is what is all about out here in the plains. Storm chasing with your wife and having fun doing it. 

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Matthew Is Headed For Bahamas Then Florida!!!!! by: Okiewxman

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Hurricane Matthew is entering the Southern Bahamas right now and moving towards the Central Bahamas then Florida. 

Hurricane Matthew was just too slow making that Northern turn and has already allowed 3 systems to miss him. The problem is the high pressure ridge to it’s NE is strong and it’s pushing it more and more towards Florida. Hurricane watches and warnings are up for Florida East coast and even tropical storm watches up for South Florida. Matthew is a very large and powerful storm. The interaction with Haiti and Cuba did weaken him some but he is about to enter the hottest water temps on this side of the planet. This will blow him right back up and cause him to strengthen back into a cat 4 hurricane. 

Lot of the models now are in an agreement for Matthew to loop back around again. Here is why! Tropical Storm Nicole is to the East of Matthew is eroding the North part of the ridge and after Florida Matthew could ride the ridge back around because we have a huge high pressure building up in the Ohio Valley and it is pushing Southeast which will block any Northern movement with Matthew and push it right back around the ridge.  

Please take the evacuations and warnings seriously. Get your plans together now and get ready to evacuate when you can especially if you are on the East Coast of Florida. We continue to keep you updated on this. Be safe! 


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Tornado Threat For OK/KS line! By:Okiewxman

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All modes of severe weather today for the plains. 

A tornado threat will be very likely for the Oklahoma/Kansas line this evening. A 10% tornado hatch has been put out for that area. Also large hail risk is higher there. This will be a widespread event for Oklahoma, Kansas,Texas, Nebraska, Iowa, and Minnesota. 

The low pressure system moves through this evening bringing  in cool air which will collide with the moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. This will cause severe weather from Oklahoma City to MN. Expect large hail, damaging winds, deadly lightning and tornadoes. Please pay attention to watches and warnings. Any new updates we will let you know.